NFA leaders should know their job description

Jesse Kauraisa
Sports commentator Jefta Gaoab has lashed into the Namibia Football Association (NFA)’s leadership for interfering with the affairs of the Brave Warriors technical team.

Gaoab has also questioned the appointments of some members of the technical team.

He accuses the NFA leadership of micromanagement in an industry where it is not required.

"I have a serious problem with how the operations of the NFA are currently happening.

"I think this is a time ticking bomb if the leaders do not step aside and let the coaches do their job.

"It seems like they came into power with a predetermined plan to get rid of some people in the office due to personal vendettas," Gaoab said.

He insisted Ronnie Kanalelo, who this week resigned under unusual circumstances, is among the victims of how the NFA leadership are operating.

Gaoab feels there is a lack of transparency and the NFA leadership are on a witch-hunt.

"If you look at guys like Oubaas Mokoena that we saw on TV at the Cosafa Cup as part of the technical team, you wonder where he came from and why his involvement was not publicly announced.

"The leaders are currently running the risk of bloating the wage bill of the association on things that do not matter, while they should be out there looking for sponsorships,” Gaoab added.

The current NFA leadership took over last year after the association fell in the hands of the Fifa Normalisation Committee due to its history of infighting and football politics.

Gaoab has warned that the NFA might take the same dark path if they continue targeting individuals within the association.

“Collin Benjamin is doing a great job as head coach and so was Ronnie, but they were still under pressure and from comments in the press it appears like the leaders feel like some people have overstayed their welcome.

“It is not up to them to judge people on the length of time, but on the work that they have done.”

NFA secretary-general Charles Siyauya however rebuffed the allegations.

"All I know is that the current leadership operates under a manifesto which they promised to the voters.

"The problem is that some people can't take criticism positively and that is why they feel there is a witch-hunt, but I can assure you there is nothing like that," Siyauya said.