The Munga Grit Le Dur: A collaboration of endurance and compassion

Endurance sport
Champion rider Drikus Coetzee will once again be at the starting line.
Andrew Poolman
The endurance sport community eagerly anticipates the inaugural collaboration between Legacy of Love’s Le Dur Adventure and The Munga, set to start on Friday morning, 17 May.

This groundbreaking partnership promises to redefine the boundaries of endurance bicycle racing, while also promoting a noble cause.

The Munga Grit Le Dur combines the renowned format of The Munga, aptly named “Half Ain’t Easy”, with the compassionate ethos of Legacy of Love in Namibia.

Athletes and adventurers from around the globe will converge in Namibia to participate in this extraordinary event, where grit and determination meet philanthropy.

“We have more than 115 riders that will start from Windpomp 14 near Swakopmund, which will also be the finish line. The route will take riders past Spitzkoppe, Omaruru, Uis and Henties Bay back to Windpomp 14.

“In the previous editions of Le Dur we had routes in the central region and then moved towards the eastern region the next year. This week we are in the Erongo region to expose riders to the natural beauty of our country,” said Sybrand de Beer, race organiser and trustee of Legacy of Love.

Legacy of Love brings to the table a legacy of compassion and community upliftment, exemplified through its impactful initiatives aimed at empowering and remembrance of lost loved ones in all communities by sharing stories of grief and healing and the “legacy of love” left by those who passed away.

By partnering with The Munga, known for its grueling ultra-endurance races, Le Dur Adventure aims to amplify its message of love and support while providing participants with an unforgettable experience.

The Munga Grit Le Dur will challenge participants to push their physical and mental limits across the rugged terrain of Namibia, traversing vast landscapes and confronting the elements head-on.

With distances that test even the most seasoned endurance athletes, this event is not for the faint of heart.

However, it's not just about conquering the course; it's about making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Legacy of Love for this extraordinary event,” said Alex Harris & Jacques Swart from The Munga.

“Together, we aim to inspire athletes to go beyond their limits while contributing to a cause that promotes love and support for those in need. The Munga Grit Le Dur represents the perfect synergy of endurance and compassion.”

Participants and “dot watching” spectators alike can expect an immersive experience that celebrates the spirit of adventure, life and camaraderie.

Drikus Coetzee, winner of both last year’s races (Le Dur in Namibia and The Munga in South Africa), will once again be at the starting line in this year’s race which features a significant growth in numbers.

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Rider Categories at The Munga Grit Le Dur

50 Hour Solo

24 Hour Solo

50 Hour 3 Person Team

50 Hour 2 Person Team